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Circle is the most robust training, certification, and performance learning management system

What makes us so sure?

We first launched Circle Learning Management in 2006 for one of the largest companies on earth. Our relationship was small at first, but over the years and after countless refinements, both in functionality and usability, this company now utilizes Circle for the training needs of all of their 100,000 employees worldwide. We earned their trust with our responsive service and design insight.

Circle Learning Management integrates all aspects of training including surveys, tracking and issuing credentials, management functions, testing, and notification. It embraces the many flavors of training materials and mediums, including off-the-shelf training, classroom training, video training, and even learner-created materials. Circle is among the most fully-integrated, easy-to-use and efficient systems on the market. It is the product of active listening, rigorous engineering, and our commitment to the “continuous amazement” of our customers.

Meet The Team

Trace Lee

CEO / President

Trace is CEO / President. He founded Trismax in 2001 with a passion for building innovative business solutions. Launching Trismax during the post-dotcom recession required Trace and his team to create a highly efficient project development methodology which they continuously refine. Their approach enables us to deliver custom software solutions at “packaged software” prices.

Prior to Trismax, Trace was Regional Director of Professional Services at Intershop Communications where he grew a team which produced over $6 million in revenue within its first year. Prior to Intershop, Trace worked as project manager at KPMG Consulting (now Bearingpoint) where he produced enterprise CRM projects for Fortune 500 clients such as Agilent, HP, and Cadence. Trace started his career as an engineer in the telecommunication industry. He holds Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Chris Tsang

Chief Technical Architect

As Chief Technical Architect, Chris has helped Trismax successfully deliver projects with fortune 100 companies such as Apple and Disney. He joined the company in 2006.

Chris came to Trismax from Sunrise Telecomm where he designed the architecture for their next-generation handheld cellular test equipment. Prior to Sunrise, Chris was a Senior Engineer at Hewlett Packard where he was part of the core operating system R&D team for the Non-Stop Mainframe Server that was used by all major financial institutions.

Chris established his technical foundation at Anritsu Company, where he was the lead software and firmware engineer for their top selling wireless signal analysis products which became the de-facto standard for field testing of cellular networks. Chris graduated from University of California, Davis in Computer Science and Engineering.

Brian Sarrazin

Heads business development

Brian heads business development. He and his team help clients develop and manage their requirements throughout the lifecycle.

Prior to Trismax, Brian most recently led business development at Simple Buyout Plans, a consulting group which assists its clients in creation of Employee Stock Ownership Plans. Prior to that, he assisted small businesses with financial and benefits planning following a 20-year stint working with emerging technology, first as a member of the Internal Audit Team at UNISYS and then for a number of software startups and, as a consultant, for clients such as PBS/KQED.

Brian also invented Synanim, an online leadership development system based on social constructivist learning theory. Brian holds a B.S. in public accounting from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

Kevin Huang

Development Lead

Kevin leads the technical development team. Kevin is the bridge between the business process team and his group of project managers and developers. Under him, the blueprint becomes reality.

Kevin came to Trismax after working in the IT consulting industry for more than 10 years. He was a project manager for UNISYS where he leads a project team providing large banking CRM solutions to many Global Fortune 500 financial companies. Prior to UNISYS, he was project manager for Peace System and Intershop Communications. Kevin holds a B.S. degree from National Taipei University of Technology and is a strong technical programmer in Java/J2EE, .NET C#, PHP, and Xcode. Kevin is also an experienced network engineer with Cisco certifications, CCNA, CCNP and CCIE.

Whether you are an organization looking for assistance in delivering and managing training, an environmental health and safety executive or an attorney seeking ways of keeping up with compliance and certification requirements, or are a consultant or course developer, we are available to discuss how Circle Learning Management can help you.

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